Welcome to the text_formatter documentation!#

text_formatter [1] is an open-source project to give a pretty, aesthetical aspect to Python strings and other text types.

To install it, use pip:

pip install text_formatter

(To upgrade, use: pip install --upgrade text_formatter).

At this documentation, you’ll find useful information about functions, methods, topics, terms, and many other things you will need to use this package.

Table of contents#

These are the actual contents of this documentation:


text_formatter (and its documentation) is under construction. We need contributors to make this project to grow.

Also, as we are building these pages fastly, some unexpected changes may ocurr in a few days. By now, we can say this documentation is not “stable” at all.


This project is licensed by the MIT License.

How to contribute#

See the Contributing guidelines document to see how to contribute to the text_formatter project, which includes this documentation page.

Also, see “Contributing on text_formatter”.